Privacy Policy

The Policy applied by private enterprise Allpay (the "Company") regarding the protection of privacy of users of the Company's websites.

The purpose of the policy is to explain the Company practices regarding the privacy of users of the website, and how the Company uses the information provided to it by the users or collected by it when they using the websites.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Allpay Terms of Service.

General Provisions

Information about you is collected when you use the website or its services. Some of the information identifies you personally, i.e. your name and address, products and services you have purchased or sought to sell, the means of payment used by you, etc. This is the information you knowingly provide, for example when registering for services on the website.

Some information does not personally identify you. This is statistical and aggregate information, for example, advertisements you read on the website, the pages you viewed and the offers and services that interested you.

Registration for Services

To the extent that personal information is required when registering for services on the websites or when purchasing products on them, the Company will only ask you for the information that is directly necessary for the provision of the services or for the purchase of the products.

The Use of Information

The use of the information collected will be made in accordance with this Privacy Policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law, in order to:

  • Allow to use the various services that Allpay offers;
  • Improve the services and content offered;
  • For monitoring and statistic;
  • Modify or cancel existing services and content;
  • For the purpose of purchasing products and services on websites;
  • To tailor the ads that will be displayed based on your location and websites you visited.

The User

The User (as defined in the Terms of Service) owns the database of the information (as defined in applicable privacy regulations) collected about his customers and visitors of the Website he has created using Allpay platform, and is solely responsible for the lawful use of this information. The User will compensate and indemnify Allpay immediately in any claim due to non-compliance by the User with the privacy laws regarding his customers.

Providing Information to a Third Party

The company will not pass on to third parties your personal details and information collected about your activity on the website except in the cases listed below:

  • If you purchase products and services from third parties that offer them for sale through the Allpay platform, these third parties will be provided with the information they need to complete the purchase process;
  • In the event of a legal dispute between you and the Company that will require the disclosure of your details;
  • If your actions on the websites are against the law;
  • If a court ruling orders Allpay to provide your details or information about you to a third party;
  • If the Company sells or transfers the website operation to any corporation in any way or in the event that it merges with another entity or merges the website operation with the activities of a third party, provided that this corporation accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy towards you.
  • To credit or technological companies PayMe LTD, CAL, MAX and Isracard, as these companies provide technical, legal, and financial services to the Company. The information shared with these entities will be limited to what is necessary for them to perform their respective services.

Payment data

The Company does not store the payment data of the User or the User's customers. Bankcard details is transmitted via the secure connection directly to the payment service provider and is not available to Allpay, with the exception of information that allows to verify the fact of the transaction itself. For example, the last 4 digits of a bank card, the transaction number and the payer’s name.


The Company’s website uses “cookies” for the purpose of its stable and proper operation, including collection of statistics about the use of the website, to verify details, to adapt the website to your personal preferences and for information security purposes.

Modern browsers include the option to avoid accepting cookies. If you do not know how to do this, check the help section of your browser.

Data Security

The Company implements up-to-date information security systems and procedures at its websites. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide complete security. Therefore, the Company does not warrant that its services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

Databases and information deletion

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, any person is entitled to review the information kept on him in a database. A person who has reviewed the information and found it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or out-of-date, may contact the Company to correct or delete the information. Request on this subject to be directed to

In addition, according to the aforementioned law you are entitled to demand in writing that the information about you be deleted from the Company’s database if the Company uses it for contacting you.

The User of the Allpay platform will be responsible for complying with this instruction towards his customers who use the platform.

Additional obligations about databases, personal information processing and information security provided in the appendix below.


In the event of the sufficient changes to this Privacy Policy in regards the use of personal information that you have provided, a notice will be published on the home page of the website.

Allpay’ websites may contain links to external websites, which offer a variety of services, owned and operated by third parties. These services are not part of this privacy policy and those interested should check the privacy terms of these third parties. It is hereby clarified that Allpay will not be responsible for the interaction between its users and the third parties as stated above.

Appendix. Personal Information Processing and Information Security

This Appendix (the “Appendix”) is part of the Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) between Allpay and the User (as defined in the Agreement), and forms an integral part thereof. All terms not defined in this Appendix shall be construed in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

1. Definitions

1.1. “Owner of the database”, “holder of the database”, “sensitive information” – as defined in the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981;

1.2. “Information Privacy Legislation” – the state Protection of Privacy Law, Information Security and Information Transfer Regulations, as amended and/or amended from time to time, including any binding judicial and/or administrative interpretation of the above.

1.3. “Privacy Protection Law” – Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981;

1.4. “Information Security Regulations” – The Privacy Protection Regulations (Data Security), 5777-2017.

1.5. “Personal information” – data about the subject of the information that identifies or may identify the subject of the information (such as and including, contact information, ID number, professional license number, private/business address, e-mail address, medical information, economic data, marital status, etc.), including sensitive information. For the avoidance of doubt, personal information will not include cumulative anonymous information;

1.6. “Personal information of the User” – personal information on visitors and/or customers of the Website of the User made with the Allpay platform.

1.7. “Information subject” – the person about whom the personal information is;

1.8. “Processing” – any action performed in connection with information, including, collection, storage, transfer, provision of access, correction, remediation, analysis, modification and any other action.

2. Processing of personal information of the User by Allpay

2.1. The Appendix provisions applies to any processing of personal information possessed by the User made by Allpay.

2.2. Database of personal information of the User is in the full and exclusive ownership of the User, and he will be considered the owner of any database in which personal information is collected and stored, and/or processed.

2.3. Allpay will process Personal information of the User, as stated in this Appendix and in the Agreement.

2.4. All processing operations of the Personal information of the User will concern personal information and form of its processing as stated in provision 10 of the Appendix. Allpay may, at any time, change and/or update and/or add and/or deviate from what is stated in the provision 10.

3. Allpay liabilities

3.1. Allpay will process Personal information of the User and will operate in connection with the databases in accordance with this Appendix instructions, for the purpose of performing the services as specified in the Agreement.

3.2. The Allpay will keep confidential all of the Personal information of the User, whether this information is provided or will be provided by him, on his behalf or for him, and not to disclose or transfer the personal information to third parties unless otherwise stated in the Agreement.

3.3. Allpay undertakes that its employees will have access to the Personal information of the User only on a need to know restriction.

4. Processing of personal information by parties and subcontractors on behalf of Allpay

4.1. Allpay will not allow any third person to process personal information of the User, except as stated in this Appendix.

4.2. Allpay will not transfer personal information kept by it to any subcontractor unless the following conditions are met:

4.2.1. Before Allpay entering into a contract with the subcontractor, Allpay examined the information security risks involved in the contract, and found that the contract with the subcontractor would not create a significant risk of invasion of the privacy.

4.2.2. Allpay has entered into an agreement with the subcontractor, which includes obligations to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information of the User and compliance with the information privacy laws.

5. Information rights

Allpay will inform the User about a request received by it from User’s information subjects in connection with the exercise of their rights by virtue of the law, such as, review of information and correction of information. Allpay will assist and cooperate with the User in responding to such requests of information subjects.

6. Information security incidents

Allpay will notify the User after an incident has occurred or after a suspicion has first arisen regarding an information security incident concerning User’s databases and/or personal information of the User, and provide the User, as far as possible, with relevant information regarding the incident, including the amount of personal information involved.

7. Validity and termination

This Appendix shall be valid for the later of (a) the term of the Agreement; (b) as long as Allpay holds the User’s databases.

8. Warranty

The parties will be liable to each other for violations of the provisions of this Appendix, the Agreement or the applicable privacy laws regarding Personal information of the User.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. Person supervising Allpay databases and systems privacy requirements can be contacted at

9.2. The provisions of this Appendix and their interpretation shall be governed by the law as provided in the Agreement, and the jurisdiction shall be vested in the courts as provided in the Agreement.

9.3. In the event of a change in the provisions of the applicable law, including the Privacy Protection Law and regulations enacted pursuant to it, Allpay will be entitled to make necessary amendments to this Appendix.

10. Particulars of the processing of personal information by Allpay

This section includes a reference to the requirements of provision 15 of the Information Security Regulations in connection with information processed by an external party, as detailed below:

10.1. Allpay will process the following information for the User: customer’s full name, ID, contact information (address, phone number, e-mail), items added in the cart or purchased, behavior on the User’s Website and other.

10.2. Permitted uses of personal information guided and limited with provision of the services by Allpay in accordance with the Agreement.

10.3. Allpay may process the personal information of the User in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement and the Appendix, including storage, transfer, amendment, provision of access, repair, etc., and everything as required to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement.